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User Libraries

posted May 16, 2013, 6:45 AM by Marco Aurelio Zoqui   [ updated Jun 5, 2013, 10:56 AM ]
Use your own pictograms and photos on your boards. 

User Library is now available and allow you to upload photos, pictograms and audio files into your private library.

To get access to the User Library click on the button: 

Uploading media files:
Just drag-and-drop the media file you want to include in your library.

Any uploaded file will be available for all of your projects. 

Google Chrome users:
Click on the WebCam button 

You will then need to Allow the picto4me to use it, by clicking on Allow button:

The "Like It" photos automaticly takes a snapshot and includes the photo in your private library.

  • To add the image in your current board, just click on the picture displayed in middle of your photo gallery.
  • You can quicly access your personal library by clicking on the heart icon when searching for a pictogram.

Audio files can be uploaded but the Picto4me Editor can't play it. It will be used by the Picto4me Player app which will be soon available

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