Picto4Me Player now has new features and you can play the audio media assigned to pictograms or photos.

To play a communication board you should save it first by clicking on the project name (see Saving the project on right)

After saving your project you can play it by clicking the PLAY button

The Player screen will then open, and keyboard, mouse or swiche may be used


Quickly pressing the SPACE key you start playing the board, or perform the proper action on the pictogram selected (if the project is already running)

Long pressing the SPACE key you stop the project execution (pressing it for about 2 seconds)

Player speed
Quickly pressing the + (plus key) or - (minus key) on the keypad, you increase or decrease the speed of execution

Full Screen mode
By clicking on the button below you will switch to full screen mode 

Informative Icons:
below each pictogram, informative icons may appear as shown below:

Indicates that there is an audio media associated with pictogram - There are three ways to associate audio media to a pictogram:
  • Reading the description field of pictogram via TTS (Text to speech 
  • Voice recording on Picto4Me Editor Interface

  • Dragging an audio file (MP3 or WAVE) to the pictogram.

Indicates that another board will be open when you select this pictogram.
Playing the project

Saving the project