The Picto4Me Editor is an online application for editing pictograph communication boards for individuals with special needs.

The app is free and can be installed via the Google Chrome Web Store: Google Chrome Web Store:

The pictograph communication boards are grouped in projects that are stored in Google Drive, therefore projects can be shared with other Picto4me users, as you already do with your text, spreadsheets, presentations and photos.

let's give it a try...

Navigate to the Picto4Me demo page, where you will be able to search pictograms and create boards but you can't save them until you sign-in to the service. 

If you want to create boards from the Google Drive page you will need to install the Picto4Me.

The Communication Board:
  • Configurable horizontal and vertical pictograph amount
  • Drag and drop enabled
  • Horizontal and Vertical text alignment by board or by pictograph 
  • Border color by board or pictograph
  • Background color by pictograph
  • Custom action for pictograph:
    • To open another board
    • To play sound
    • To animate
  • Enabled/disable board title
  • Configurable image size
  • Configurable border size
  • Intelligent pictograph search engine

The Project File:
  • Auto saving
  • Plenty of boards by project
  • Project version management enabled
  • Social sharing enabled
  • Picto4Me Player compatible