Terms and Conditions

We offer AAC Communication Board Editor and Player software and a builtin image search engine service. As any other image editor software, Picto4me does not restrict you to only make use of free images. Some of the images can be used without any legal constraint but there will be case where legal rights are required and should be acquired from the image author. Picto4Me is not responsible for the copyrighted images - please refer to the image source license before you add them to your project.

Our intentions are to not violate any copyright conditions but in case of an infringement in any interest of a copyright holder please contact us and we will remove the image immediately. 

Picto4me is a free web application which does not provide an internal image database.  All Image files are provided for free, but the terms of use and distribution may vary according to license media source company. WebDrawings searchs might includes protected images, and authorization might be required;

License Information
Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Website: Arasaac
License: Creative Commons

OATS - Open Source assistive technology software

website: Mulberry Symbol Set
License: Creative Commons BY-SA


website: sclera
License: Creative Commons 2.0.


website: PRC 
License: Not declared - Please check Important notes below.


website: UN OCHA
The symbols can be downloaded for free on ReliefWeb and The Noun Project


website: search engines
License: some images might be protected and copyright rules can applicable. Picto4Me only index the search engine result, and is not responsible for the symbol usage

If for some reason you find files on picto4.me that injure rules of your country, city, institution or company, please contact us to erase the same from the repository.

Security Notes

Picto4me stores project files in Google Drive, therefore gmail users are able to edit and store files Picto4Me.

In accordance with the standards and safety of Google, Picto4me undertakes to do not share, extract or use information contained in project files or user profile. The entire authentication process is done by Google's systems which grants access to authorized areas only by the user in a process known as OAuth2.0 flow

Request Permission screen

Shared User Profile data usage


  • Name and email user (identifies the user in the file)
  • Link to page user's public Google Plus (url if public)
  • Photo (if available public will appear on all pages to identify that the user is logged into the system)
  • Date of birth (identifies the appropriate voice for the speech system)
  • Country of origin (identifies the language spoken by the user)
  • Gender (identifying the voice used by the speech system)
  • Language of origin (identifies the regional accent and the language used by the speech system)
  • Time zone (keep the change history of the project files)
Google Drive:

Archive project communication boards
Install button Open / Create the interface Picto4me Google Drive.

The Picto4me application does not have access to files created by other systems (Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, PDFs) or user passwords. Only files created by Picto4me will be available.

Being a web application, the user created boards in Picto4Me will be managed and monitored throughout the day, and even when the user is not using picto4me it can perform backups, data compression, on behalf of the user.

Revocation of access:
The user may at any time revoke system access to your Google Account Drive. The revocation does not exclude access files stored projects. The user can then delete or not the projects associated with Picto4me.

Project Team

  • Fabiana Costa Matias is speech therapist specialized in alternative and argumentative communication as well swallowing disorders.

  • Software Development by Zoqui